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TEAM Strategies & Community Building

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MagicMaker Advocacy believes grassroots movements within and among communities, non-profits, and other organizations is a primary way to benefit the Earth, humanity and Her species and ecosystems. MagicMaker's leadership consultation and workshops supports increased participation, contribution and donations within organizations, ultimately creating greater and broader impact for the organizations.

MagicMaker Advocacy consultations and workshop offer techniques via the TEAM (The Earth Advocacy Movement) framework, which is similar to David Gershwin's Social Change 2.0 model. Mr. Gershwin and his team utilzed his model to bring about at least 3 carbon neutral cities by 2030. In addition to the TEAM framework, collective development techniques are integrated into presentations and workshops to support raising the awareness to the frequency of the solution.

MagicMaker Advocacy also builds connections and supports collaboration among organizations, movements and projects. We encourage engagement of actions across a network of organizations, creating grassroots movements from the local into regional and ultimately to global levels.

For details regarding consultations or workshops for your organization, please contact us at the 'Contact Us' tab.

We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” Einstein

Global Animal Ethics Network (GAENetwork)

Katie is also launching a non-profit, the Global Animal Ethics Network (GAENetwork) to support animals around the globe. Katie and Bill have been socializing and getting stray cats off the streets of Cleveland and into loving homes for over 15 years. Our first partnership was with CARF Curacao, and in October of 2019 we raised over $4000 for CARF, to rehabilitate and rehome dogs from the island.

If you are want to engage by volunteering or fundraising with GAENetwork, or in having Katie speak to your Earth-based organization about making a bigger impact, contact her through the 'Contact Us' tab.