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MagicMaker Advocacy utilizes multiple platforms to support expression and ultimately education on environmental movements. Katie writes social commentary related to the MagicMaker mission and the causes close to her heart. Her articles can be seen on (see links below). She also shares videos with information and supporting an Earth vision on TikTok and YouTube.

Two books are coming soon, a teaching autobiography and a book of Katie's social commentary via poetry.

Some of Katie's articles are linked below and available on the 'Blog' tab. An excerpt of the type of expression, including some reasons for the birthing of MagicMaker Advocacy, can be read directly below:

"It can seem at times (or most of the time) that the world is changing in a negative way. Social media, the major news outlets, and other consistent sources of information streams continuous stories of the storms, shootings, pandemics and fires, and the current political adversity only adds fuel to the alleged fire. This is a way of sensationalizing the conditions of the world around us. By using stories that keep us in a fearful state, the very channels of information that we tend to rely on have used our human biological system (the sympathetic nervous system response) against us, for ratings or other agendas.

That said, it is becoming more and more well-known that large corporate and governance systems have been profiting at the expense of humanity. COP conferences with top leaders from governments around the world are now nothing more than greenwashing. Governments and the industries that in many ways fund them haven't been willing to change to alternative and sustainable products, energies or foods, or update their processes in ways that protect and regenerate the land and waters, animals, fish and birds. Perhaps worse, they have been purposely sharing disinformation and propagating a myth that we indivually should be shamed for the deterioting conditions of the Planet, instead of taking true accountability.

However, from both a scientific, metaphysic and even spiritual perspective, more and more of us are choosing to see these times in another way, to lean into the good and take steps to change what no longer serves us. Love is calling people to their higher purpose. People of all cultures globally are willing to rise up to repair and reverse social injustices (often tied to economics, health access, and climate decisions), and to protect and again make the Earth whole. Groups are organizing, armed with wisdom, and rising up. This can look like digital boycotts and divestures, protests or marches, that are creating significant consequences to these organizations. As well, people are coming together to plant trees, preserve land, and even care for each other during times of climate change distress.

Does this mean we don't acknowledge climate change or areas of war, areas demanding humanity, or that we ignore climate change signals from hurricanes, rising tempertures, melting glaciers and fires? Absolutely not! MagicMaker Advocacy believes we should be informed, but not inundated. And to focus in areas where we are willing to facilitate or participate in a project to help transform the situation(s). Therefore, when a situation arises that seems unjust, immoral or inhumane, to take an action step, to inform others, to donate, or even to simply re-focus our energy and attention to our personal and group projects where we are making an impact.

MagicMaker Advocacy was birthed out of this evolutionary time. Ideas came in, ideas that align with other amazing agents of change, and some ideas that will deepen the work and add an authentic voice where none was heard before."

Here are links to some of Katie's Articles (and for some older blogs, see the 'Blogs' page):

To Mask or Not to Mask

The Amazon - Why It's Personal

The Monster on My Neck (in memorium to George Floyd (see side column)

My way of processing deep sadness, grief, and anger is to write. And I realize it may seem like I am aiming blame at one person — artistically, that’s how the poem wrote itself. Really though, it’s about what he represents, an establishment of old systems that are broken, unsustainable, and causing so much pain, systems that are trying to divide even as we rise to unite. And that we’ve (wait) that I’ve been complicit in allowing such. Yes, it’s time to forgive, to speak up, to unite and demand change. It’s time for evolution; may we birth something beautiful on the other side. ~Katie

The Monster on My Neck

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I can’t breathe under your knee
And the story you keep telling me,
As you decimate the birds and trees
Through rollbacks and corruption,
For the beef that you keep feeding me,
Not roaming free, but from factories
So far out so we don’t hear the screams,
And the modified seed, so unhealthy.
Our beloved endangered species
Are now nearing their mortality,
As the system feeds those with huge money.

“I can’t breathe,

I can’t breathe under your knee
And your firing of the CDC,
Not enough tests or PPE.
And when you were needed to lead,
Instead you lied, talked ratings, and
You removed those who disagreed.
You never speak of the departed;
Confusion is the strategy.
Let’s ignore science and the numbers
And re-open for the economy,
So everyone will vote for me.

“I can’t breathe,
Please, my face.”

I can’t breathe under your knee
And these riots that you blame on me.
While I fall to the ground and seize,
You tweet, incite hatred and brutality.
Hiding under, in your big, white bunker,
From where you dare condemn the wrong enemy.
Divide, based on side and color.
As we stand together in peace, lay in the streets,
And you watch us from TV.
We protest against white supremacy,
And again, you fail to lead appropriately.

“I cannot breathe…
I can’t move.”

I can’t breathe under your knee
And the pipeline that you’re selling me.
Desecrating sacred land,
Yes, it’s a felony
Without accountability,
While young Indigenous women go missing.
But there’s more oil than we need.
Yet we frack and rape and well for greed,
And the line, still it won’t recede.
Oh and by the way, now I can no longer pray
At the sites where my ancestors were buried.

“I can’t breathe.

I can’t breathe under your knee
And your wall of separation,
Children dealing with isolation,
Taken from their family at the border
And ICE waiting around the corner.
Thrown in cages, some left to die,
Adopted, not knowing why.
How tired as a collective, are we
From the every day atrocities,
That we’ve forgotten our humanity,
And continue to allow monsters to lead …
And isn’t it interesting, the placement of my own knee?

“I can’t breathe.
Please Sir,
I can’t breathe.”

In memoriam of George Floyd -
May his death not be in vain; may his words be heard in perpetuity.
May we rise above our pain and anger, and take positive, peaceful actions to create a world we love. May we forgive, and may we each live into our own Truth, for our Planet and Her children, and for the next seven generations.
K.Augustine, May 31, 2020

Published in June 1st, 2020