MagicMaker Advocacy

MagicMaker Enterprises believes that we are at the tipping point for an evolution of social consicousness. We believe that through organizations, movements and advocacy, we will make a difference in the world. And we discovered that by aligning with a vision for evolution, and by implementing inspired action steps, the changes we desire become reality.

It can seem at times (or most of the time) that the world is changing in a negative way. Social media, the major news outlets, and other consistent sources of information streams continuous stories of the storms, shootings, and fires, and the current political adversity only adds fuel to the fire. This is a way of sensationalizing the conditions of the world around us. By using stories that keep us in a fearful state, the very channels of information that we tend to rely on have used our human evolution against us.

However, in studying scientific, metaphysic and spiritual consciousness, we can choose to see these times in another way. Recently it was noted that poverty levels around the globe have actually decreased significantly since the mid-1900s. Many diseases have been eliminated or contained due to vaccines and medical expertise. Life spans are longer and more enjoyable into the later years. There are many signs that the world is actually improving. And the signs around us of chaos may simply mean we are on the cutting edge of an evolutionary phase change. Water boils before it changes state to steam, which holds the potential for power. Seen with this lens, our attention changes focus to the positive and the ways to make a difference instead of sitting in crisis.

Does this mean we don't acknowledge climate change or areas of war, or ignore evacuation signals from hurricanes and fires? Absolutely not. Over the years, Katie advised clients to be informed but not inundated, and to turn off these channels - unless you need information for personal safety or you are personally going to help the situation or take on a project to help change the future of this type of situation. Therefore, when a topic comes up that triggers a fear or anxiety, to either make a difference with your attention that is directed on it (take an action step to help), or to re-focus your attention to your personal or organizational goal and take action steps toward making your impact.

Some of the causes near and dear to Katie's heart are:

1) supporting a sustainable and thriving environment (including trees, water, clean air, clean oceans, etc.) through changes in our thinking and on the dependency on products and entertainment that contribute to climate change;

2) humane treatment of animals (including birds, bees, reptiles, fish, etc.) by supporting the movements of the reduction of animal abuse and factories, and the eventual elimination of use of animals for food and by-products;

3) nutritional well-being (exposing misconceptions and offering alternatives such as nutritional plan and vegetarianism or vegan lifestyles); and

4) supporting the emotional and physical healing from trauma - specifically (but not exclusively) related to trauma women experience through sexual, emotional or physical abuse.

These are her causes. She has studied aspects of each of these topics for 30 years, and has participated in and facilitated trainings, experiential modalities, and sacred ceremonies which support both mindset changes and the activation tools essential for people and/or organizations to develop methods for community (or global) awareness, vision, activation, and eventual positive change.

Advocacy Speaking

MagicMaker Enterprises offers speaking engagements supporting audiences in a new model of counsciousness in order to make a bigger impact and to ultimately support the evolution of social consciousness. Contact us today at 216-410-3006 for an engagement with your organization! Katie is a powerful keynote speaker and facilitator, and is comfortable speaking to audiences from two to a thousand (or more!).

Katie offers speaking engagements to organizations, companies, work teams, and group gatherings. During the keynotes, your group will be engaged in their own visioning process to support their goals toward greater collective success.

Based on years of study of transpersonal modalities and success principals, Katie offers both teachings, ideas, and exercises to audience members. These interactions empower members to gain an up-leveled awareness and udpated perception of what they can do, and how they can make an impact. Ultimately, the engagements encourage members of an organization to participate and contribute more to their organizations. This also supports organizations to move from bureaucracy and conditions and instead serve from their vision in the world.

For organizations committed quickening the transformation process, Katie offers support via interactive workshops to groups of participants working on non-profit or organizational goals. Katie also facilitates vision board parties for groups interested in collective visioning and fun!

See the Contact Us page to schedule Katie to speak at your next meeting or event.

Katie speaks to organizations ranging from 1 to 1000s to support the understanding of this evolution of social consciousness, and the process that can support making real impact during these extraordinary of times.

Global Animal Ethics Network

Katie is currently forming the Global Animal Ethics Network (GAENetwork) to create a network of veterinarians and funders to positively impact 1 million animals (or more) in 10 years. GAEN will send trained veterinarians from the states to countries with an abundance of animals needing support. GAEN veterinarians will supplement the staff and also bring medical or other supplies with them to support the animals in need. If you are interested in participating through volunteering or fundraising with GAENetwork, or in having Katie speak to your organization about making a bigger impact, contact her at 216-410-3006.


"I attended one of Katie’s workshops where I developed a vision for my life. One of the major changes I wanted to make was in my professional life. I have been an attorney for 24 years and ever since I graduated years ago, I’ve wanted to go back to school to get my PhD. Time always seemed like an obstacle, and it was difficult to apply myself to school while practicing law. I knew I had to develop a new income source and needed some support to make my vision a reality, so I enrolled in Katie’s coaching program. Katie’s coaching provided me with the tools I needed to make a shift. I have greatly reduced my law practice and I now provide trainings to attorneys and other professionals on legal issues. Not only am I working less hours and making more money, but most importantly, I’m enrolled full-time in a PhD program. I’m so pleased with the results of coaching, I recently enrolled in Katie’s Success Strategies Elite program." - L.Julian, Esq.