Envision, Innovate & Evolve

MagicMaker Advocacy believes we are at the tipping point for an Earth-based evolution. We believe by envisioning the Planet as we would love, and then through innovation and a willingness to forgive and move forward, we will make a difference in the world.

It can seem at times (or most of the time) that the world is changing in a negative way. Social media, the major news outlets, and other consistent sources of information streams continuous stories of the storms, shootings, and fires, and the current political adversity only adds fuel to the alleged fire. This is a way of sensationalizing the conditions of the world around us. By using stories that keep us in a fearful state, the very channels of information that we tend to rely on have used our human biological system (the sympathetic nervous system response) against us, for ratings or other agendas.

That said, it is becoming more and more well-known that large corporate and governance systems have been profiting at the expense of humanity. These organizations and governments haven't been willing to change to alternative and sustainable products, energies or foods, or update their processes in ways that protect the land and waters, animals, fish and birds. Perhaps worse, they have been propagating a myth that we indivually should be shamed for the deterioting conditions of the Planet, instead of taking true accountability.

However, from both a scientific, metaphysic and even spiritual perspective, more and more of us are choosing to see these times in another way, to lean into the good and take steps to change what no longer serves us. First, we also note that poverty levels around the globe have actually decreased significantly since the mid-1900s. Many diseases have been eliminated or contained due to vaccines and medical expertise. Life spans are longer and more enjoyable into the later years.

There are many signs that the world is improving. Love is calling people to their higher purpose. People of all cultures globally are willing to rise up to repair and reverse social injustices (often tied to economics, health access, and climate decisions), and to protect and again make the Earth whole. Groups are organizating, armed with wisdom, and rising up. Sometimes this looks like digital boycotts and divestures, that are creating significant consequences to these organizations.

Does this mean we don't acknowledge climate change or areas of war, areas demanding humanity, or that we ignore climate change signals from hurricanes, tempuratures, melting glaciers and fires? Absolutely not! MagicMaker Advocacy believes we should be informed, but not inundated. And to focus in areas where we are willing to facilitate or participate in a project to help transform the situation(s). Therefore, when a situation arises that seems unjust, immoral or inhumane, to take an action step, to inform others, to donate, or even to simply re-focus our energy and attention to our personal goals where we are making an impact.

Therefore, these signs around us of chaos may simply mean we are on the cutting edge of an evolutionary phase change. The old systems are no longer sustainable, no longer serving the masses, creating injustices for Indigenous and other minorities, and the minority is becoming more and more the majority, rising, standing up (or taking a knee), linking arms and saying, "No More". Water boils before it changes state to steam (the higher state). In an open system, the boiling point holds the potential for power. Seen with this lens, our attention changes focus to the positive, gaining the momentum to take an action, instead of sitting in despair and crisis.

MagicMaker Advocacy was birthed out of this evolutionary time. Ideas came in, ideas that align with other amazing agents of change, and some ideas that will deepen the work and add an authentic voice where none was heard before.

Importantly, at TEAM, perhaps different from other environmental movements or organizations, is we are coming from a consciousness of change. We begin by envisioning the Earth as we would love Her to be. We bring forgiveness to ourselves, perhaps for our own carbon footprint, for ways we didn't voice our concerns, didn't push leadership to do better. And of course, instead of hating, resenting, or blaming the politicians and industrial leaders of the world, we forgive and hold the vision. We know our POWER and hold state, and we understand that in any evolution, we are learning and growing. Again, this doesn't mean we aren't going to strive, stand up and have a voice - even demand - the changes we now expect. But we do so from a consciousness of the vision versus from anger and blame.

As a reminder, our TEAM framework is fivefold. We begin through holding a vision for the Planet, Her creatures, resources, and eco-systems (envision). We move into engagement, and teach ourselves and others the many ways we may take action and participate in the change. And we educate, turning to the top scientific sources and environmental organizations for the facts, again for ourselves and to share with others. That said, we then empower; we're endeavoring to create TEAMs of people to engage, learn, and take a stand, together. And ultimately, we evolve. We align with Truth, all the while transforming the facts as we begin to implement the changes we desire for life on the Planet.

Global Animal Ethics Network

Katie is also launching a non-profit, the Global Animal Ethics Network (GAENetwork) to support animals around the globe. Our first partnership was with CARF Curacao, and in October of 2019 we raised over $3700 for CARF, to rehabilitate and rehome dogs from the island. GAENetwork's objections is to create a network of funders to positively impact 1 million animals (or more) in 10 years. GAEN will send food, medicines and supplies to countries with an abundance of animals needing support, such as areas struggling after environmental disasters or financial crisis.

If you are want to engage by volunteering or fundraising with GAENetwork, or in having Katie speak to your Earth-based organization about making a bigger impact, contact her at 216-410-3006.