Envision & Empower:

Earth Vision & Empowerment Tools

MagicMaker Advocacy believes we are at the tipping point for an Earth-based evolution. We believe in consciousness, and that the first step in supporting the Planet is to envision it as the green, blue, thriving Earth we would love. Having a vision for the Planet and our part in it supports our reason to take action steps, regarless of circumstances and old outdated and unsustainable systems.

While the current environmental news can be disheartening for many, there are also many organizations and individuals making profound impact regardless of the large industries continuing to hamper what is best for the Planet. While information of the unsustainable systems in effect may be important for knowledge and to understand the full picture, often information on the positive steps and programs are missing from the news and main stream platforms.

MagicMaker Advocacy strives to offer information across multiple platforms, always with an alignment to an Earth-based vision, supporting easy positive steps to take, and sharing larger projects that are making major impact across the Planet.

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Regenerative Presentations

MagicMaker Advocacy offers presentations sharing techniques that support leaders and their organizations in making greater impact, often first by reducing their carbon footprint. Katie offers sustainable and regenerative ideas related to a number of aspects of running an organization, including an organization's options related to marketing, video streaming, travel, and hosting events.

Use the 'Contact Us' tab to contact Katie for a Regenerative Presentation, interview or PodCast on these techniques.