TEAM: Engage, Educate & Empower

Grow personal connections with like-minded people who love the Planet, animals, and the plant-world. Learn ways to make a difference in your community, as we raise awareness across the globe.

MagicMaker Advoacy invites those with an interest in preserving the Earth's eco-systems and Her creatures to join The Earth Advocacy Movement (TEAM) Facebook page: for more personal work, to join at the EVOLVE level (COMING SOON) (see Make a Bigger Impact here).

As a community, we believe it is a privilege to live on this Planet, versus feeling entitled to Her and Her resources.

MagicMaker Advocacy believes in envisioning an Earth alive and thriving with Her inhabitants living in harmony with each other; the plants, trees, animals, winged-ones and finned-ones, creepy crawlers and flyers, being respected and cared for by human caretakers (not utilisers). That each living being and species is sustained as much as possible, and that regenerative systems are established and implemented. We believe in our responsibility as humans to thrive as a co-species in harmony with all Sentient Beings, not by entitlement to the Planet's resources and through raising animals in horrific ways for our use only. Instead, it is our obligation to create and integrate innovative processes supporting alternative, vegan, and renewable energies, foods and by-products.

We understand this actually begins with humanity toward each other, and we include social justice as a cause, knowing that environmental exploitations often most affect Indigenous tribes and sacred lands, racial minorities, immigrants, and that such exploitations are perpetuated in low- income areas.

Currently, we are creating a network of engagement, education and connections, for each of us to find our way to participate and contribute in the Planet's regeneration. This includes a vision for life on Earth, a vision of humanity for each other and all Sentient Beings. It also includes innovation that supports alternative, sustainable, regenerative, and vegan systems, community contributions, networking and collaboration, advocacy, training & education, and environmental empowerment.

At MagicMaker Advocacy, we honor environmental organizations that are already in place and strive to connect and bring together the efforts versus creating new organizations. We also realize that there are some aspects apparently missing. We aim to deepen the conversation, and to empower with TEAMs to work together. Therefore, we strive to bridge this current gap to make a greater impact for the environmental cause.

We also noticed that currently for many individuals who care of the Earth, it is not always clear what step to take in order to make a difference (other than donating), nor are the steps always easily accessible. Climate crisis information is and has been scientifically substantiated yet vehemently denied by many governments, corporations and industries who are profiting by current, outdated and unsustainable systems and products. Creating pollution and immense harm in ways that egregiously affect the entire human race and all species and eco-systems on Earth.

And then information about the crisis is greatly distrubuted via social media, often without hope, resolution, and even in a way to shame us for our daily conveniences. For many of us, this evokes a feeling of despair or overwhelm. Yet now the great myth is being revealed... it has become clearn that this myth of individual harm has actually been propogated by the governments and large industry powers-at-be, such as fossil fuel industry. All the while, they have been drilling and producing, promoting plastics and cement, outdated motors and systems, that continue to poison the Planet and each of us. However, we are rising together to demand change - top down change that we can all live in harmony with, regardless of status, color, ethnicity, culture or location.

This doesn't mean that individually we don't want to continue to lessen our personal carbon footprints, however, often the steps we've been asked to take (as an environmentalist, I've been taking them for 30 years) are so inconvenient they are really not viable and not necessarily the most effective at curing the climate crisis. 100 companies on the Planet create 70% of the carbon emissions. That must change, too, or even more so. Currently, there has been minimal top-down approach to create the alternative means to fix the crisis or alternative products.

The tide is changing though! The awareness is now there. And some governments and companies are aligning with these new, sustainable, alternative, regenerative processes and productions. As we as individuals rise up, connect, and stand together - the myth is unraveling and the evolution is in sight. There is still plenty of work to do - the 20s is the decade to do so. 50% of fossil fuels must be eliminated, and these old industries, the Exxons, Chevrons, Dow Chemicals of the world, are not changing on their own accord. But many of us, we're rolling up our sleeves, and are willing to take the steps that are ours to take.

First and foremost, we share our awareness through a community. We will engage in the movement, educate each other, and empower ourselves as a collective community - connecting with other individuals and supporting Earth and animal organizations that are making a difference, now!

And as we use our collective voice, may this be the beginning of a new era, for leadership that understands the significance of this work and that find the ways to promote environmental & social justice, which includes racial, gender, & income justice, as well as the feat of ushering in a new global economics in support of the Earth, humanity and all species, versus one supporting corporate interests at the expense of all of us. In the meantime, may jobs be created through alternative energies, foods and products. Truly our children and grandchildren's lives depend on what we do, this decade.

MagicMaker Advocacy believes we are at a historic tipping point in evolution... therefore, we have created a system to engage and to hold an Earth-based vision together, and then to educate and empower our participants to take sustained action steps via grass-roots community and other leadership and participation. We believe we can do this - and we aim to support the movement, together, for ourselves, our Planet and animals, for the trees, and mostly, "for the next seven generations."

More information COMING SOON related to how YOU can Connect and be a part of TEAM EVOLVE! And in the meantime, join the TEAM Facebook community here:

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