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"Katie A. has been instrumental in me manifesting my dreams! I tear up as I write this because as little as 1 year ago I was in a soul-sucking job that left me feeling drained and lifeless. I completed the LifeMastery [Elevate Your Success] and DreamBuilder [Elevate Your Life] programs, and encouraged my sisters to take DreamBuilder as well. I am currently working full-time in our brand new yoga studio, 3sisters yoga, which is a dream we dreamt up together! Opportunities that I never could have imagined one year ago are brought to me each day and I feel that I truly found my life purpose. Yoga, like dream building, changes lives and I feel incredibly grateful that I get to bring it to the community each day. I still use the principles that Katie opened my eyes to regularly. In fact my Instagram post for 3sisters yoga this morning reads "Run confidently in the direction of your dreams."

~ Lauren Plagens,