"I have worked with Katie for many years on my personal vision statements. Recently when I opened a business, I spent a lot of time thinking about how I could help my staff live their dream lives and ensure that I supported them in THEIR vision.  Let's be honest, a happy and productive staff ends up benefiting everyone. It lifts everyone to be around positive people who are living their dreams.  So, I was passionate about bringing Katie to help my staff begin to raise their thinking to another level, to put some thought and intention into their dream life and to take some time being reminded of the laws in which I believe, laws of gratitude, success, abundance.  After our time with Katie, I got many comments from staff members indicating that it was time well spent.  "Thanks, that was just what I needed!"  "Wow, what a great reminder to continue to practice gratitude and affirmations."   "Thanks for encouraging me to take this time for me!".  "I feel re-energized."   The result was that the energy in my place of business was buzzing, I felt the effects for many days following our time with Katie.  I'd encourage you to open your mind and heart and be willing to receive the enthusiasm and practical life lessons that she shares.  You'll be glad you did!"  ~ Lauren Plagens, www.3sistersyoga.com


"Katie and her programs have given me tools and methods to up-level my life.  I love her emphasis on heart-centered, transformational coaching and I feel supported by the format and areas of focus.  The diversity of topics in each program have brought balance into my life.”  ~ Jennifer W.
"I can attest to the power of this program!!! I wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone ready to GET BIG. Thank you, Katie, for being my MagicMaker!"  - Theresa Rose, MN, Inspirational Performer