Quench My Thirst

Dedicated to Hurricane Katrina victims and survivors
This poem was written in September of 2005 immediately following Hurricane Katrina, as we were still hearing news of children being sent to school, but not knowing if their parents were alive. I was saddened, frustrated, and angered by the events that took place after the climatic disaster, and harnessed those feelings into a poem. In 2005, I dedicated the poem to those who survived the messy aftermath and then rebuilt, despite the hardships they lived through. Ten years later, when I read my own words, I was humbled by the expression of emotions I felt so strongly a decade ago. I realize it is time to share the words, and feelings, with others. By sharing the poem, what I wish t ... Read More

Take Back the Jungle

Taking a Stand Against Torturing Animals
Cecil the Lion - what do we know? A dentist killed him in an absolutely horrific fashion. The dentist now says he’s sorry and he wouldn’t have done this if he knew the animal was loved (which most of us question why that should that make a difference). The world is upset, angry and reaming with blame. Jimmy Kimmel (love him) spoke well about it and got choked up. Jane Goodall (love her) spoke about her repugnance. Images of Ricky Gervais hugging a cute dog, sad about the state of animal affairs, filled Facebook. I agree with all of these posts and commentary. It’s very easy to be disgusted by and angry with the dentist. And yet, I think this story could go further. It h ... Read More

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