About Us
Katie Augustine
Founder and President, MagicMaker Enterprises
KATIE AUGUSTINE believes that everyone deserves to live their magic, and make their impact in the world. She is an attorney and reverend from Cleveland, Ohio and has studied success principles, personal development, and transpersonal processes for 30 years. Katie established MagicMaker Enterprises, LLC in 2012 to offer coaching, speaking engagements, and ministry to support clients to live their greatness regardless of conditions or circumstances. In 2018, MagicMaker Enterprises transitioned it's purpose to align with ministry services, advocacy (supporting the environment, women, and animals), and by serving organizations aligned with the evolution of social consciousness. She also supports individual's through transitions by offering sacred ceremony and energy sessions.
Katie began studying Eastern religions and spiritual philosophies in 1989, and became a Reiki Practictioner (Level III) in 1994. Her path included attending a Unity Church, studying mulitple religions and philosohpies, including the Course in Miracles, the Seth books, drum circles, and "trance dance." In 2004, she co-founded Sacred Arts and Healing Center, LLC (SAHCs) in 2006 with Roger Sams in Lakewood, Ohio. The primary modality at SAHCs was Transformational Movement, and SAHCs was an instrumental facility for personal growth, Reiki, and healing in the Cleveland area during its two years of operation. It was during this time that she met two of her mentors, Jyoti (aka Jeneanne Prevatt, PH.D. - see below, Ministry), and Ashley Wile (who she worked closely with from 2007-2011).
Since 2011, Katie has studied with and travels with (on spiritual pilgrimage) another mentor, Mary Morrissey, the founder of Life Soulutions That Work (LSTW), and with LSTW's Master Coach, Kirsten Welles. Katie has also taken programs by Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Gloria Karpinski, Sri Amma Karunamayi, and Brian Weiss, M.D., has been an audience member of Jean Houston, Andrew Harvey and Loral Langemeier, and was an avid student of Wayne Dyer and his PBS Specials. Katie continues working with mentors, believing that it is a privilege to enhance her own personal development over a lifetime.

Katie loves working with clients, audiences, and organizations. She supports others to expand their belief systems, get out of their comfort zone, bust through paradigms, increase their self-worth, and to re-discover themselves outside of the mindset they are who society, parents, teachers, or bosses' say they should be.  She believes in exploring many roles in life simultaneously, instead of getting boxed into a singular identity, and understands the significance of ultimately serving one's passions. She built a 22-year career in banking which included authoring two publications for the American Banker Compliance Magazine and speaking to audiences of all sizes regarding regulatory or risk-related topics (despite the topics, she still manages to make the audience laugh!). As a financial regulatory compliance expert, director and legal risk consultant, Katie understands the value of hard work, diligence, and most importantly, life balance and core values.
Katie became a Life Mastery Consultant certified in 2012 through the Life Mastery Institute (an affiliate of LSTW). She offered private and group coaching programs from 2012 through 2018, supporting clients, in particular, professional women, in knowing their worth and living their dreams. In 2018, Katie transitioned from privately coaching to a Senior Coach role with LSTW, now supporting Life Mastery Institute clients in their personal growth and coaching development.
Katie has presented to organizations, companies and audiences interested in motivational techniques and a new model of success. She has spoken to audiences of 1 and on stages to audiences of 1100. Through interactive workshops, Katie has led audiences and facilitated groups to discover their dreams with a re-programming and visioning process. Currently Katie speaks to non-profits and conscious organizations to support the increase of impact they are making in the world.
Katie is honored to be a Minister of Walking Prayer having been ordained in 2009 by The Center for Sacred Studies (CSS). CSS was founded by Spiritual Directors, Jyoti (aka Jeneanne Prevatt, PH.D.) and Russell Parks. CSS offers a variety of spiritual / transpersonal programs and also facilitated The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers during their prayer ceremonies in each of the Tribal Elders' countries of origin for a number of years. Katie served the 13 Grandmothers during their summer Omega Institute Programs in Rhinebeck, New York, and also served Grandmother Flora DeMayo at Hope Springs Institute and at the Cleveland Regional Bioneers program. Katie is also a graduate of CSS's Stargate I, has participated in vision quests and sweat lodge ceremonies, and is a Maitri Breathwork(TM) Facilitator. Maitri Breathwork(TM) is a powerful modality supporting personal authenticity, expression, and the healing of emotional or physical trauma. Katie offers energy sessions (including Reiki and chakra balancing) to honor clients' through their own personal healing, and also conducts nupitals and eulogies or sacred transition ceremonies.
Katie is also an environmentalist, animal, and women's equality advocate. Raised with a desire to serve, she has learned to maintain focus on conscious causes, solutions and revolutions versus the problems at the level of fact. She and her life partner, Bill Boronkay, a comedian, have saved almost 100 stray cats (and Bill has the material to prove it!). Katie is currently establishing an animal non-profit, and believes in the evolution for social consciousness, a movement for conscious organizations to align with strategic universal principles in order to enhance both their participation levels and contribution to the changes desire to implement.
Katie is also a poet, a world traveller and a pilgrim. She has travelled on spiritual pilgrimages to Peru, Bali, Egypt and Israel. She is in the process of writing two books; the first is an autobiography which includes learned action steps to support the reader in their own personal development, and the second is a consolidation of her years of poetry. In addition, she is  establishing a non-profit organization to support areas of high feral and stray animals by supplementing clinics and shelters with staff and supplies.
Having lost her father at the age of 29 and a best friend at the age of 40, she understands that life is precious and can end much sooner than expected. She loves her family, friends and partner, Bill. Whether working with banking clients (in the past), coaching clients, or presenting to conscious organizations, Katie found that people are striving to do their best. She also believes that most everybody would truly love to make their impact, for themselves and their families,  but also for their organizations / companies, communities, and ultimately to improve an aspect of the world. And she found her own purpose in supporting others and organizations with practices and ministry to do just that!