MagicMaker Advocacy's Why

MagicMaker Advocacy believes we are at the tipping point of an evolution on the Planet, which encompasses respect for all living beings and eco-systems. We envision the Earth and humanity in new ways, holding for harmony, sustainability and regenerative energies, foods, and products. We empower each other and motivate our leaders through education, innovative ideas, advocacy, and by taking grassroot actions within communities across the globe, therefore supporting an evolution for all of life on the Planet.

MagicMaker Advocacy's Causes

MagicMaker's primary causes are fivefold: 1) care and activism for the Earth, Her creatures and eco-systems, including humane treatment of all beings and promoting peace; 2) promotion of alternative and regenerative energies, foods and products; 3) advocacy for the immediate reduction (toward elimination) of the use of animals for food, testing and by-products; 4) fostering the healing of individuals and gropus from trauma, abuse and inequities, and 5) education on paradigms such as the military industry versus a movement for peace. Also education on divesting from industries such as: fossil fuels, platics, meat, and the 'fake' food movement. And primary is educating on regenerative energy and land alternatives, including nutritional and vegan options for harmony with animals and for sustaining ecosystems.

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MagicMaker Advocacy's Mission

MagicMaker Advocacy affects its causes through a 4-pillared framework:

Express & Educate - we offer speaking engagements, workshops, and sources of information across various platforms related to innovative techniques, understandings of the Original Peoples, conscious businesses, legal & justice processes (including for racial and income equity), peace movements, and scientific climate change information.

Envision & Empowerwe hold a vision for the Earth, for humanity & its interactions with other species (all Sentient Beings), for animals, for biodiversity and eco-systems, and for regenerative & vegan energies, foods and products.

Expand & Engage - we offer a framework which empowers leadership of organizations, NPOs, or communities (and their members) to increase participation and contributions, and to collaborate with other organizations, ultimately creating grassroots movements from local to regional and global levels.

Enliven & Energizewe offer speaking engagements, workshops, and presentations to promote love and care on the Earth, across humanity and for animals (all Sentient Beings), biodiversity, and ecosystems. We foster forgiveness and evoke an evolution of consciousness on the Planet.


"It's so great to learn more about the steps I can take to support the Planet and animals!"
Cheryl Barnes, Richmond, VA
"I love how the TEAM facebook community keeps me updated on important environmental understandings."
Pam Kopsak, Twinsburg, OH