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  • Do friends consider you successful, yet you often feel tired and unfulfilled?

  • Are you constantly trying to meet the next deadline?

  • Do you have dreams and goals that you push to the backburner due to other daily obligations?

  • Did you grow up thinking you would make a difference, and now you're just living the routine?

If so, MagicMaker Coaching Programs can support you toward more freedom and empowerment! It's time to get off the hamster wheel of busy-ness, and start living a more fulfilling life. Focus on your dreams and goals, deepen your relationships, and have more time for fun!

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MagicMaker Coaching

MagicMaker Coaching believes that you have the potential to live a great life and to make a difference in the world. We discovered that by living in alignment with a purpose and vision, you elevate your life to new levels of success.

MagicMaker Coaching employs a structured support system to bridge you from your current good life to an amazing life where you are empowered and on purpose! Coach Katie will support you as you increase your self-worth, and live authentically into your true greatness.

Coaching programs are conducted through conference calls. Clients from across the country participate from the convenience of their own homes. Through MagicMaker speaking and coaching, we support you to live your magic, and make your impact in the world.



"I had been single for 12 years, and 2 weeks after attending Katie's Vision Workshop I manifested my life partner who completely matched my vision statement I wrote during the workshop; I believe in the power of this work as an alignment with heart and soul! I invite you to have the courage to manifest your dreams in this way. I wish you peace."  - Cameron Plagens, Ph.D.
"During the three short months of the Elevate Your Life Program, I sharpened tools I did not even know I possessed. Thanks to the teachings and support of Katie and the rest of the class, I had the courage to take risks and the faith to know it would work out in alignment with my life values, regardless of the immediate outcome. In only three months, I rediscovered the magnificence of my own life and increased my income by 18%! Practice the teachings of the program and be amazed by the process and results.  J.Collins, MBA